About Us
Our focus is to produce the  world’s first and best full line of liquor

About Spirits of the USA

The First Full Line of Ultra Premium Spirits

Spirits of the USA is the industry's first full-line producer of ultra premium liquors - from vodka to tequila and everything in-between. The company's name comes from the fact that all of our products (except tequila, of course) are produced in the United States. The products are further Americanized by their "high-octane" 90-proof formulations.

Craft Distillery Approach

Spirits of the USA LLC is a privately held company founded in 2007 by Michael Gerard. Michael has been involved with the hospitality and distributing industry for over 20 years. The company's focus is to produce the world's first and best full line of liquor. The company uses a craft-distillery approach by using premium ingredients, distilled in smaller batches and distributed by developing close relationships with customers.

Supporting Bars and Retailers

Unlike the liquor industry giants, typically based overseas, Spirits of the USA's approach is to engage bar owners, independent retailers and the consumer directly. The company sponsors themed parties and activities, including monthly full-moon events - howling competitions, pub crawls and dance events - that celebrate the company's trademark characters. The purpose is to build bar business throughout the week, month after month. The company also supports bar owners through online ordering of Point-of-Sale (POS) materials, a Rewards program, ready-to-run Web sites and other business solutions.

Environmentally Friendly - Low-Carbon Footprint BottleQuality and Value

Spirits of the USA offers ultra premium liquors priced in the "call" range. Domestic production, reduced overhead and unique packaging keep the price point lower than comparable ultra premium products.

Environmentally Friendly

The full line is packaged traditional glass and can be made available in unique low-carbon footprint PET bottles which is delivered in convenient 12-packs and 2-packs at the wholesale level.